Gutter protection installation

Gouttières Repentigny can also install Alu-Rex T-Rex gutter protection. You will then take advantage of a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the continuous fastening system. The best coverage offered on the market !

The T-Rex continuous fastening system offers amazing advantages: It makes the gutter twice as solid. How ? The gutter is fixed on all of its length. Therefore, there are no weak points.

This system eliminates the risks of deformation caused by the weight of a ladder or by the pressure of ice in the winter. The T-Rex prevents snow from infiltrating. This way, the gutter will not expand. It can also receive and evacuate the most intense precipitations due to the Alu-Perf technology, tested independently by Intertek.

Repentigny Gutter

Alu-rex Pro Series Garantie à vie

Vous doutez de la performance du crochet continu T-Rex en hiver?

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